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Product Information

The Hockey Training Tool is a device by which a hockey puck is "served" to a particular player. This allows the player to practice receiving passes in various ways, thus increasing the players skills.

The machine will shoot out pucks at varying angles;

  • Smooth surface (on the ice) pass
  • Bouncing puck pass
  • On end (rolling) puck
  • Elevated (high) pass, giving the player a chance to work on tips and redirections

The puck can also be shot out of the Hockey Training Tool at different speeds and time intervals. Giving all levels of players a chance to work on different skills.

Product Benefits
  1. Allows all level of player to practice on one timing shots and working on hand-eye coordination.
  2. Puts the puck into play rather than shooting a motionless puck.
  3. Player can work on passing the puck or shooting at targets.
  4. Allows you to evaluate players skill levels and progress, without player being in a game situation.
  5. Allows players to practice on their own, without the need for another player to pass the puck to them.


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