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Market Information

The main question that people ask when they see a new product idea is, "will it sell?" One of the main indicators of success of a product is the size of the potential market. Here is some information about the market for this product. I think you will see, there is a huge potential market to support this product.
Who would buy this product? Where can this product be sold?
Click here for our statistics page with more information about hockey including;
  • Number of registered players world-wide
  • Number of hockey rinks world-wide
  • List of pro leagues
  • List of National teams
  • Hockey attendance records

Hockey Statistics

Click here for hockey history and growth
Click here for number of registered hockey players, by country
Click here for a list of professional hockey leagues, world-wide
Click here for a list of National Hockey Teams
Click here to see a list of college teams in North America
Click here for list of the number of hockey rinks (world-wide)
Click here for hockey attendance world-wide

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